In the old medina, you will find traditional souks of great elegance and originality. Are you looking for a local, handmade and original product? Well! You’re in the right place.

TRANSKECH, your lucky number, will take you in a tour across all the

shopping places where traditional products are bought, such as the MARRAKCHI clothing, leather goods, jewellery, leather shoes etc. …

A professional and competent guide will respond to all your requests. The TRANSKECH Guide will help you negotiate the price and ask for discounts.

TRANSKECH offers you the opportunity to live this unique experience.

Discover the city of wonders in the company of TRANSKECH travel agency.

– Key Souks:

– The Medina:

– The souks’ district:

It is a maze of streets lined with several stalls. It is divided into zones. Each zone is specialized in a particular trade: Spices, Herbalists, Skin Articles, Medicinal Plants, amulets and love potions, and the must visited carpet souk.

Don’t forget to visit the Kissaria which is the best market of Textile, Silks and Kaftans. Finally, visiting the souk of dyers will allow you to discover a mix of colors and sensations of dyed wool.

– The Mellah district:

It is considered one of the oldest still existing Jewish neighborhoods in Marrakech. You will find the tinsmiths place: artisans wielding tinplate and giving rise to mythical objects, which you can buy directly from their workshops.

In addition to the tinsmiths, there are the Jewellers. Almost fifty traders are selling 18K gold objects and also other silver objects.

Once you step into the recently renovated huge Souk of Spices, you will think that you are in Mumbai, India.

Trust TRANSKECH and visit the ocher city. The city of wonders is worth your time and love.

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